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This is so freaking brilliant. Anyone who wants to discuss, please do! I loved it.

2012 Round-Up

So, I haven't posted much complete fic this year, but I know I've written a lot. I was curious how much I have that I've not posted, so here we go. I'm only adding all my wip stories. All together there are 23 stories

Jonas Brothers - 281,124

One Direction - 149,950

Total = 

431,074 words!!

My poem :)

I got honorable mention! I'm really excited :)

My Poem

A Little Bit Delirious Sequel

For anyone interested, I have started the sequel, available here. It's called Fading Subtly, I'm Yours.

I did it!!


50,100 WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This looks fun!


1D Olymfics!



Meme Fill!

So I've been doing this fill. Mpreg! I know, right? I said I'd never do it, right after I said I'd never read it, right after I said I'd never write slash, right after I said I'd never read slash... ah, where am I going with this?? Who knows! Anywho, the point... I'm filling this. 

Here is the summary! You will notice it calls for a short fic... yeah, I just posted part 41. 

I just want a Larry Mpreg, with preferably Louis being pregnant. Just like a paragraph/short snippet of each month of the pregnancy, ending at the baby being born. Whether it is a specific moment from each month or an overview of what each month brought to the experience is up to the author.

You can read it here.

With scattered blood, I see

pairing: Gen
rating: MA
word count: ~2,000
warnings: death, mentions of blood
a/n: I have no idea where this came from. Also posted on my AO3
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